Installing Facebook Home on ANY android device !

If you are an Android User and you've heard of the new recently launched 'Facebook Home'
Which allows you to integrate facebook into your homescreens,
You might be disappointed because you found out that it only runs on certain High-End devices such as Galaxy SIII, Note II, HTC One X, etc...

But fear not, because it definitely is possible to install it on your android device as well !

You just need to install a modded version of Facebook Home which allows you to bypass any device restrictions, Meaning it will work on all android phones and tablets!

  1. Uninstall the original Facebook Application, Facebook Messenger, etc..             (you may need root access if your phone comes with preinstalled facebook app)                        
  2. Download these files:  Facebook Home and Facebook Messenger
  • Extract the RAR files and you will have 3 files:
  • com.facebook.katana.apk ( Facebook App. )
  • com.facebook.home.apk ( Facebook Home )
  • com.facebook.orca.apk ( Facebook Messenger )
Then Install the apps in the following order:
  1. First install Facebook App ( com.facebook.katana.apk )
  2. Then install Facebook Home ( com.facebook.home.apk )
  3. Then install Facebook Messenger ( com.facebook.orca.apk )
Now just open Facebook Home Application and you will see it Installed successfully.
Facebook Home Trick Install on Android
Selecting Facebook home as default launcher
You can also set Facebook Home as Default Launcher for Android. © Nischal