Bring back the Start Button and Menu to Windows 8 with Classic Shell

The User Interface of Microsoft's Windows 8 Operating systems is quite different from previous versions. With the Start Screen replacing the iconic Start button an Menu, it might be a little difficult for new users to get accustomed to this format.

No need to worry though, you can get your own start button, even for Windows 8 by downloading Classic Shell. It is a really cool tool with which you can make dozens of customizations on your PC, no matter whatever the OS version is!!

All you have to do is download Classic Shell, open the application settings, where you should find a start button menu. You can then choose the style of button you want on your dektop(Win7, Vista, XP). Apply changes and you can enjoy the functionality of a start button, even on Windows 8!!

Watch this video on exactly on how to do it:

Download Classic Shell at:

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