How to Block Ur Enemy’s SIM Card

Here's a new working trick for free internet on airtel 2012

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How to Block Ur Enemy’s SIM Card:

Here I am going to share a simple trick for blocking your enemy’s sim card.

Blocking a sim card is too simple.

What you have to do is just enter the below code in the desired phone:


Entering of above code will ask you to enter the PUK code.

To solve this issue just call customer care and get your PUK code.

Note:Entering of invalid PUK will cause permanent blocking of your SIM


Can u block this no.?09272824709 and 09434996662

please block this munber .9765180821

please block this SIM Number 09472341939

plzzzz...block this number..09479812025

pls block no cuz shes lyng at me she said that shes my ante nd she ask me lod 1h nd 5h prepaid card il gve him,aftr that i notce that she s not my ante pls block ths for hm KARMA

plz block this number....... plz.....0127485342

Please block this number 09059315915,,tnx a lot..,

please block permanently this number please po, 09424880424

please block this number permanently so that it cannot blackmail me anymore, 09184305277

please pa block nman poh no# n2 09161520427 , maraming salamat poh...

please guys i need your help please block this sim number that is stalling me everyday. 09486131617

can you please block this number; 09465083995

please block permanently this number +639467588365 which is sending me a bad message everyday. i realy dont know who is he/ she. thank you

please block this # 09487279514 please.... thank you

-" can u bLock tHis numbEr
09092558175 and 09482803590 ..

plZ Lng..

thAnk u vERY mUCH..

help nmn paanu mag block ng number nah to ang bastos at bakla ayaw kng ma k txt sya nammastos sya at ayaw k sya k txt 09336224803

Please block permanently this number 9580372423

pls block this numbers 09183832696, 09213747764 pls....

please guys help me block this number 09327140336...bad imfluesnt to the childs

please block the airtel number 9535355353

Please Block this number 09079684819

pls block this ff. # pls!!

09193698117 and 09213623117

plssssss bastos yan

plzzzzzzz block this number!yong d na tlaga mababalik pa!kelangan ko!nanggugulo sa pamilya q eh!salamat guyz!09066053532!!!!tnx guys!

can you pls block this number,naninira na kasi sya ng pamilya namin help me pls 09287714814 t.y

plss block this number 09068223949

Good evening, can i ask a favor please, this Sim card numbers bothered me always, can you help me block this Sim card numbers. Thank you so much..09465148258, 09099861939, 09074098715,

09077418328, 09077425678, 09129013272, 09207435961, 09079665008, 09484954787, 09097315643, this number also, please block this all... thank you so much?

pls block this number, +639076135103,this cause bad effect to the family.

Sir.. Whox PUK do i need to enter??

pls block diz number nagugulo at naninira cya ng buhay plzz help me diz my number 09261813029

please block this # 09173781079, i am receiving harrastment with this number.. need help asap

09173781079 pls block asap.

kindly block this number 09227291749. thanks much.


please block this number 09395520215....

please block this no. permanently .. because .. he is a stranger . here this number ..


please block this sim number 09108565420

9690543346 is block number please

hack my number. 09267754826. try it.

Block my number permanently. 09267754826. try it.

Block my number permanently. 09267754826. try effect.

please block this no 09218510107 and 09067589935, thank you very much

can you please block this no. -09218510107 and 09067589935 permanently coz this no. always txting me some bad mouth, i dont know who she/he is, thank you very much this is my big favor, thank you very much

Block this sim please.. 09066918469

block this number pls 09198735614

Please block this number 09215255695. Someone stole my phone and is threatening to blackmail me.

09268414113 block this please he always call me for nothing .. please

please bock this number 09355362376 thanks pnaq t3pan po aq nyan eh

block this number 09093405301 he text me some bad words thank u very much !!!

pls. i need help. pa block dis no:09126372802 and 09195010388

please block this number also 09999306133

plz block my idea number.. 9990085314

pls block permanent this simcard#09396686230 sa akin poh yan kaya lang ni nakaw marami pa poh yong load!!!

!!!pati poh yong 2sim ko paki block poh!!!ni nakaw din #09164180677 tapos#09231587718 my mga load poh yan kasi poh eload ko din poyan!!tnx!!!

please block this number 9598815643 this is idea user this user is tessing a girl very badly please do the needfull

please block this number 09274789752.. thank you

block this number 09288095267

please block also this cp number 09487731546

can u please help me to block her no .. 09061983573

can u pls pls pls block dis # hes sending me annoying and bad message


Pls blocked this number 09468212808

Pls block ths #09468212808 asap

please help me to block my was stole inside my apartment. thank you

pls help mo to block this number09304701108

plz hake this number 01720508088

can u block this nO. 09481326556. cuz its always bothering me.. pLLzzz..

hi could you help me block this # 09353846241 she's sending me annoying messages and always calling me...thn a lot

hi could you help me block this # 09353846241 she's sending me annoying messages and always calling me...thx a lot

please help me to block the sim number of my friend..

Good evening sir one of my friend is playing double. Role game kindly please block him
His network is docomo
Number is 7207622198

Thank you

can you help me to block this #09185919583 coz she's always sending me annoying messages,, plzzzz

can u block 01748967070 this number she is my xgf plz blocked her

can u block 01748967070 this number she is my xgf plz blocked her
please reply me

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