Recover lost files with this is easy to use tool- Recuva!!

So your working on this "super important file" and you DELETE it instead of saving it and clean up your recycle bin just before logging out. Ouch!! Not to worry because Recuva from is here to save you from you from these accidental errors.

Once you've deleted a file from your system, you're not actually throwing away every bit of information. There are still fragments of your lost file, which when pieced together by an expert(or software in this case) can restore your file without any loss of data!! Amazing isn't it. Recuva does exactly this, by looking through your hard drive for "residual information" pieces it and wallah!! 

Watch this video on how Recuva helps you recover lost files:

This tool may not be for everyday use at home, but is essential in organizations where losing information earns you a pink slip. Still it's a real life-saver if you've misplaced that important article, deleted your report, or erased a game. Recuva does it all!!
You can download Recuva at

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