NordVPN trick for unlimited free trials

With the expanding trend of internet censorship in many countries, people are turning to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to bypass any restrictions, maintain privacy online, or use torrents anonymously.

Unfortunately, most free VPNs (such as Hola VPN,Opera VPN,etc..) are counterproductive for the following reasons:
  1. They keep logs of all your activity, and are forced to reveal it in case of any investigations, hence you will not be anonymous by any measure.
  2. Certain VPNs like Hola use peer-to-peer connections, which means strangers would be browsing through your internet connection and vice versa, which makes you vulnerable to any legal conflicts arrising from their misuse.
  3. How do free VPNs make money? By selling your data, enough said.
  4. They are comparatively much slower than paid VPNs
Hence, paid VPNs which keep no logs are mostly recommended for privacy and bypassing internet censorship. 
NordVPN is regarded as one of the best and fastest VPN services currently being offered.

So, here is a trick to create unlimited free trial accounts of NordVPN

Note: This method requires you to create a new account and login once every 3 days, however, considering that this process takes only 30 seconds (no verification,confirmation,etc) and you are getting the best VPN service for free, it isn't a big deal.

Steps (on PC)

  1. Go to 
  2. Select any plan (doesn't matter)
  3. Enter any random email like anything@anything.anything (It doesn't even have to exist) and enter the password of your choice
  4. Select bitcoin as payment method
  5. Click on Join Now, it will redirect you the bitcoin payment site, now close the page.
  6. Go to and enter the email you just used and click on Start Free Trial
Done! You can now logout and login again with your new account to your PC or mobile application to see the effect.

You may bookmark the two links above for easy access whenever you need to create another account. 

Bring back the Start Button and Menu to Windows 8 with Classic Shell

The User Interface of Microsoft's Windows 8 Operating systems is quite different from previous versions. With the Start Screen replacing the iconic Start button an Menu, it might be a little difficult for new users to get accustomed to this format.

No need to worry though, you can get your own start button, even for Windows 8 by downloading Classic Shell. It is a really cool tool with which you can make dozens of customizations on your PC, no matter whatever the OS version is!!

All you have to do is download Classic Shell, open the application settings, where you should find a start button menu. You can then choose the style of button you want on your dektop(Win7, Vista, XP). Apply changes and you can enjoy the functionality of a start button, even on Windows 8!!

Watch this video on exactly on how to do it:

Download Classic Shell at:

About the author: Mr. Technoid is very experienced with computer hardware and specializes in gadget consultancy. He's also a gamer with 150 hours of experience on Counter Strike and a budding pianist. Consider him as our "go-to" guy for tech news. Check out his tech blog You can also catch him on Facebook

Recover lost files with this is easy to use tool- Recuva!!

So your working on this "super important file" and you DELETE it instead of saving it and clean up your recycle bin just before logging out. Ouch!! Not to worry because Recuva from is here to save you from you from these accidental errors.

Once you've deleted a file from your system, you're not actually throwing away every bit of information. There are still fragments of your lost file, which when pieced together by an expert(or software in this case) can restore your file without any loss of data!! Amazing isn't it. Recuva does exactly this, by looking through your hard drive for "residual information" pieces it and wallah!! 

Watch this video on how Recuva helps you recover lost files:

This tool may not be for everyday use at home, but is essential in organizations where losing information earns you a pink slip. Still it's a real life-saver if you've misplaced that important article, deleted your report, or erased a game. Recuva does it all!!
You can download Recuva at

About the author: Mr. Technoid is very experienced with computer hardware and specializes in gadget consultancy. He's also a gamer with 150 hours of experience on Counter Strike and a budding pianist. Consider him as our "go-to" guy for tech news. Check out his tech blog You can also catch him on Facebook

Free Internet Hack On Android Devices | 2G and 3G

Android Free Internt Mod apps

  • Download and install opera Mobile for Android. If you don't have it, click here to download from Android Market.
  • Open Opera Mobile and type opera:config in the address bar and press go.
    Free Internt on Android Devices
  • Now you will get preference editor.
  • Scroll Down and click Proxy.
  • Now scroll down again and you can see the fields to enter HTTP and HTTPS server.
  • Now you can provide the required proxy server there in the formatproxy:port.
    If you want to input a proxy and port 80

    Then you can enter it as
  • If you provided proxies, Scroll down until you get Use HTTP and Use HTTPS and tick both check boxes.
  • Now scroll down and press SAVE.
    Done editing proxy.
Here are some more working proxies for you:

proxy :
port : 80
Home Page (HP) :

proxy :
port : 80
Home Page (HP) :

Port: 80
Apn: ( select AirtelInternet or MobileOffice settings )
Home Page :
  • © Nischal

UC Browser 8.9 Handler UI Mod | Free 3G, GPRS (Airtel Settings Preinstalled)

UC Browser 8.9 handler UI Mod Hack


Many people comments that, Downloading does not works with UC Browser or The Download get currupted after a long time. What we have to say is, Every thing has its own pros and cons. So you may get some file download and some others may not.
Downloading problem solutions : 
  • First one is the proxy trick
    You have to goto download link through any proxy site as url encryption switch on. This will change your original download link and some times the file may download.
  • Second one is using UC Cloud
    Here you can download file to your UC browser's cloud storage area (online storage). Later, you can transfer the file to Phone with UC Browser.
  • Third one is using your native browser
    Use some proxies in your native browser and download files using that trick


UC Browser 8.9 Airtel Mod .jar





  • AND MANY MORE.... © Nischal

Airtel Free Youtube Supported Proxy 2013 | Working Streaming Trick

Enter the Following Proxy settings on any application with Handler MOD or Proxy Support


PROXY      :
PORT         : 80
APN           :
Home Page :
           or any working free site in your area


  • Use airtelinternet as default access point or airtelmobile office.
  • You should disconnect after using about 100 MB. Otherwise, your SIM may be blocked.. © Nischal

UC Browser 8.8 Hacked For Free 3G, GPRS (Airtel Settings Preloaded)

UC Browser 8.8 for Java has been officially released. This is the second UC Browser with their new logo.  The new updated version includes several new features and improvements, enhancing your browsing, downloading and sharing experiences. 


  • Increased Downloading Speed
    The downloading speed for large files has been optimized. Now, when you are downloading a large-sized file there will no longer be a big drop in download speed 
  • Customized shortcut keys 
    To make accessing your favorite webpages and using common actions more convenient, we’ve added the ability to bind a webpage or action to a shortcut key. So if you want to get to your Download folder fast, you can set it to any number 0-9 or a combination of #+number, and pressing those keys will take you there instantly.
  • Sharing on Twitter added
    You can now quickly share content on Twitter. Long press what you want to share, then select Twitter in the Share menu.
  • Improved File ManagerThe File Manager has been enhanced with new features. You can now preview images and create folders for easier sorting of your files. 


Here is the new version of Handler UI created by YK Handler Team. They are introducing more powerful features for using free internet by providing options to tweak the operator network. In olden days, most people enjoyed free internet by changing the application servers. But later, YK, the master make it more easier by attaching a User Interface named HandlerUI. In each updations, they introduced new amazing features.


  • Option for setting Prov ( Handler Prov )
  • Handler Side Menu w/ touch support
  • Revision on the ScreenShot to Lite Version, added BMP for Low Memory Phones
  • Removed unwanted elements


Just activate airtel MO settings as default. Then browse and Download contents for free. Only some kind of files are supported for downloading. Remember each trick will have their own limitations. Some more kind of files are supported by using proxy servers. Resume may not be supported in most cases.