How to add images in Facebook Chat

Did you know that you can add IMAGES in Facebook Chat ?
Surprisingly, it's possible
Not ANY image you want,
The image must be the profile picture of a PERSON or a PAGE

Here's how to do it-
  1. Copy the link of his/her profile
    It will be something like!/profile.php?id=100000560410656
  2. COPY the profile id NUMBER highlighted above ^
  3. Paste it in the CHATBOX and add [[ and ]]
    So now it is like [[100000560410656]]
Then press enter and the image will appear in a small box

If the person has a USERNAME   like
The you can just do the same with the username

like [[johndoe]] and press enter


  1. Copy the link of the page. eg-

Then add [[ and ]] to it
so now it is [[122411147791536]]
or [[eminem]]

And press enter

That's all there is to it !

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Post COOL image-text in FB CHAT © Nischal


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