How to use the old facebook chat system

As all of you may know, the new facebook chat system is stupid and annoying.

And has the following disadvantages-
  • We have to disable this bar at every login
  • Only shows the list of those who you chatted most
  • Unordered list of the friends regardless if they are online or offline
And how exactly do you get the old one back?
Just :

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Open this link in new tab.
  • Now you have the old chat box back!

By using this method you always have to open this link in a new tab.
If you're using Mozilla Firefox then it's even simpler :
  • Open the menu and select 'Bookmarks'
Select 'Organize bookmarks'
Set any name
Add   :
Check the 'Load this bookmark at sidebar' checkbox
Now if you want to chat, just press Ctrl+B © Nischal