Recover deleted files on your android Phone

We can all empathize with the sinking feeling felt when something important is erroneously deleted from our smartphones, but instead of becoming lost for good, the DiskDigger team has created an Android app to help you recover those precious files you thought had disappeared into the Recycle Bin of no return.
DiskDigger is a household name already, and if you're a Windows user, you may already have been acquainted with the tool that spares your files from the hangman's noose at the eleventh hour. The tool carries all of its strengths through to Android, and if you've recently deleted a file and are having second thoughts, DiskDigger is arguably your best hope of a reprieve.
Like the Windows iteration, it's absolutely free of charge, although does understandably require root access in order to work its magic. Currently in beta stage, it will recover recently deleted images with aplomb, and like any respectable app, it keeps its user interface as minimalistic as possible, as not to bamboozle those downloading it.
Far from one-dimensional, it uses a variety of different techniques in order to achieve its goal. Of course, there are no guarantees, but having tested it ourselves, it performed flawlessly, and having encountered many similar apps in the past, DiskDigger has to be among the best. When you launch it, you've the option of sifting through each partition of your device's storage. All you need to do is select the one which contained those images before you opted to remove them, and tap Scan device.From then, you can also refine your search down to the specific file type, and those found will appear in the corresponding window on the left hand side of the UI.
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You can preview each file discovered, and simply hit Save,which will in turn present you the opportunity to restore the files to the location of your choosing. A Mail button is also included which lets you e-mail the images to an address of your choice, and although this no-frills app doesn't necessarily boast the various features offered by similar apps, it does a stellar job of what it proclaims to do.
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