View the Web in ANAGLYPH 3D

Z3D: the anaglyph web


A new way to surf the web. Wear your 3D anaglyph glasses
and web pages will gain the third dimension.
Just click the "Z3D" button to activate the anaglyph effect.
Click again to turn it off.
You can choose between Red-Cyan,
Red-Green and
Amber-Blue glasses.
Z3D creates impressive text animations too!

This is probably the useless software ever written...
 but I bet you'll try to touch the fonts coming out of your monitor.

                                                              Download Z3D, it comes in 3 flavors...

  1. z3d-mfa: Z3D Mozilla Firefox Add-On
  2. z3d-gce: Z3D Google Chrome Extension
  3. z3d-fwm: Z3D for webmaster

You can always download, install and use any version of Z3D for free.
Enjoy surfing anaglyph, stereoscopic and tridimensional web!!!

For info and support: © Nischal