Hack and Increase Internet Speed:

In this tutorial I will tell u a very nice way to increase ur internetspeed by 20%.
This 20% internet speed increment may seem to be a little, but if you read this article thoroughly, you can see that this 20% is a lot (especially if your modem is 100MBPS), because Windows only        allows you to use 80% by default.

The Instructions are for Windows 7 Users well XP user can follow this too because the method is same:

Follow these Instructions to speed ur Internet by 20% :1. Go to Start
2. Search for Run or on the desktop press Windows + R Key.
3. Type “gpedit.msc” without the quotes.
4. Expand “Administrative Templates”
5. Then “Network”
6. In Network Search for “Qos Packet Scheduler”
7. Click on it then u will see many tabs on the right hand side Double Click on “Limit Reservable Bandwidth”
8. It will say Not Configured
9. Select Disabled and click on Apply and then OK.
10. That’s it guys u r done now just restart ur System and Xperience the Change.

And for some further internet speed increasing: U can download TCP Optimizer which will optimize ur internet Connection.