3 Different Ways to Hack Facebook Passwords

There are 4 ways according to my knowledge for hacking Facebook and any other social networking website. There could be more easy ways which you may have discovered so you can share that with us by commenting below. Now have a brief look at all the methods and how they work.
The 3 Methods .:
1. Phishing Attack.
2. Keylogging.
3. Social Engineering.

1. Phishing Attack : This is the most commonly used method for hacking any social networking website’s password because it’s the easiest way to hack any of the internet websites password. Its widely used by all the hackers of all class. Creating Phishing page is extremely easy on some steps and a nice tutorial on creating it and you are there a person who have just some knowledge about computer or hacking can hack any innocent person. So beware of it and Stay Safe.
2. Keylogging : This is second highly preferred method by anyone, maybe you use at first for hacking but it has some limitation by the way who don’t know what is keylogging it’s a process in which software installed on one’s computer records all his keystrokes and captures screenshots which helps anyone to track down his password and hack his account. It involves remotely installation of keylogger on anyone's computer by sharing a crypted file through chat clients or manually installing them on victims computer.
3. Social Engineering : You may think this is non responsive method means first of all what is this, Social Engineering is a method in which you convince your victim for giving you the security question answer or any other answer which can reveal his password means it totally depends on how you can convince one or take change on his mind. well this method is easy for only the mind captures who can convince someone really easily so I will not prefer this method as this method can reveal your decision to your victim.